• A message from the CEO

    TECO Energy CEO John Ramil

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    A message from the CEO

    CEO John Ramil reflecting on our accomplishments while describing the company's vision to ensure the long-term sustainability of TECO Energy.

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  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Linking with our stakeholders

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    Stakeholder Engagement

    Regular two-way communication with customers, investors, team members, regulators, business partners and others in the community is key to better understand their concerns and issues.

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  • Our Issues

    Issues that are material

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    Our Issues

    Using a process to determine materiality and priority of topics, we have identified a broad set of issues that impact the spectrum of our businesses and stakeholder.

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  • Our story at a glance

    An executive summary of the 2014 CSR.

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    Our sustainability story at a glance

    As a resource on our sustainability journey, we are providing this executive summary of our 2014 Corporate Sustainability Report on economic, environmental and social responsibilities, successes and improvement opportunities.

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  • About this report

    Discussion on our approach to the report, the GRI index, and disclosure

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    About this report/ Global Reporting Initiative index

    Using the guidelines of the Global Reporting Index, the report outlines our economic, environmental and social responsibilities, successes, and opportunities for improvement for TECO Energy and its subsidiaries.

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  • Sustainability Plan

    FOCUSed on a Sustainable Business

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    Sustainability Plan

    Our sustainability plan provides the framework used to ensure we meet our goal of providing reliable and affordable energy and delivering shareholder value while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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