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Power Generation

TECO Energy's subsidiary, Tampa Electric, operates three power stations in addition to its growing portfolio of solar facilities. They are:

  • The newest facility is the H.L. Culbreath Bayside Power Station, based in Tampa, Fla. Bayside is powered by natural gas. It replaced the retired coal-fired Gannon Power Station.
  • The largest plant is Big Bend Power Station, based in Tampa, Fla. Big Bend is a coal-fired facility with natural gas-fired peaking capacity.
  • Polk Power Station is based in Polk County, east of Tampa, Fla. The largest unit operates with a special coal-gasification technology. In addition, Polk has two peaking units and is building two additional units.
  • Solar initiatives include facilities at Tampa International Airport, at a number of popular public attractions in the Tampa Bay area, at local schools that double as community emergency shelters, and a 23-megawatt (MW) array that will be built on Tampa Electric-owned land near the company's Manatee Viewing Center and Big Bend Power Station.
Big Bend
  • Bayside Power Station

    Bayside Power Station

    Located on Port Sutton Road near Tampa Bay, the H.L. Culbreath Bayside Power Station provides approximately 1,800 MW of natural gas-fueled electric energy.

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  • Big Bend Power Station

    Big Bend Power Station

    Capable of generating about 1,700 MW, Big Bend, Big Bend Power Station is located on Big Bend Road on nearly 1,500 acres in southeastern Hillsborough County, close to Apollo Beach.

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  • Polk Power Station

    Polk Power Station

    Polk Power Station occupies 2,837 acres on State Road 37 in Polk County, Florida. The station, located approximately 40 miles southeast of Tampa, will generate up to approximately 1,400 MW of power with the completion of Polk Unit 2.

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  • Solar Initiatives

    TIA Solar

    Across the Tampa Bay area, Tampa Electric is significantly expanding its use of solar power with arrays at popular local attractions, at Tampa International Airport, at local schools that can serve as community emergency shelters and more. The largest will be a 23 MW facility in Apollo Beach.

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