News Release

TECO Energy companies to serve the U.S. Navy with savings

TAMPA, October 29, 1999

TECO Energy's engineering, energy services and construction management company, Bosek, Gibson and Associates, and natural gas utility, Peoples Gas System, were recently asked to take on a complex mission for the United States Navy.

The team was called into service to save the Navy about two million therms of natural gas, 30 million gallons of water and five million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

BGA's plan for achieving such significant savings includes constructing four new boiler plants, dividing the central steam distribution system, re-sizing two existing boiler plants, and performing an extensive indoor lighting retrofit that will include new higher-efficiency lamps in many of the NAS/JAX and Mayport buildings.

The boilers and steam distribution system are vital for heating both building environments and water, particularly in the Naval Aviation Depot where the aircraft are rebuilt. BGA's steam savings plan provides additional metering, energy use monitoring, and an overall system approach to achieving continued energy savings after startup.

These projects will be funded through the energy and cost savings realized over the next 10 years. Construction is expected to start by December, and the first plants should be on line by January 2001.

"We'll be starting off a new millennium with a more energy-efficient system while saving dollars for the taxpayers, maintaining quality of life for our people, conserving natural resources and enhancing the environmental quality of the base," said Lee Merrill, head of the Utilities Department at the Navy Public Works Center.

TECO Energy companies, including BGA, Peoples Gas and Tampa Electric, have long worked with the federal, state and local governments to support mandates that require considerable energy conservation measures in public facilities.

For more than 12 years, BGA has designed and implemented energy conservation initiatives for hundreds of commercial, institutional and governmental facilities across the Southeast. Money-saving projects have been completed for the U.S. Postal Service, Franklin County Schools and Florida's Department of Corrections.

TECO Energy is a diversified energy-related holding company headquartered in Tampa. Its principal businesses are Tampa Electric, Peoples Gas, TECO Transport, TECO Coal, TECO Coalbed Methane, TECO Power Services, and Bosek, Gibson and Associates.