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Customer Value

Focused on the people we serve.

The most important way we provide value to our customers and support our communities is by providing safe, reliable and affordable energy. The energy we generate in environmentally responsible ways enhances our customers' lives, offering efficiency, security and comfort.

For residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, Peoples Gas' rates* are the lowest in the state, and Tampa Electric's rates* are the second lowest in the state among investor-owned utilities.

Investing in Reliability
Investing in Reliability


In 2015, Tampa Electric invested more than $40 million to strengthen and upgrade our system and reduce "flickers," or momentary power outages. We are installing recloser devices on power poles across our service area – focusing on neighborhoods with the most "flickers" – to stop power interruptions before they travel downstream to more customers.

At Peoples Gas, we are investing $100 million a year to upgrade and extend the gas transmission system. This includes $8 million annually in our 10-year program to replace nearly 150 miles of cast-iron pipe and about 400 miles of bare steel pipe – which together comprise about 4 percent of our system.

We're also investing over $40 million to expand and upgrade the New Mexico Gas Co. system. This includes initiatives to replace PVC and bare steel pipe as well as projects designed to meet current and future customer growth.

Promoting Energy Efficiency

Since the early 1980s, we have led the industry in encouraging our residential, commercial and industrial customers to use energy wisely as a way to help them become more successful and sustainable. Tampa Electric is proud to be Florida's first investor-owned utility to offer energy efficiency rebates, incentives and programs like Energy PlannerSM. In 2014, our nationally recognized, certified energy experts performed more than 10,000 energy audits of area homes and business.

Peoples Gas offers conservation programs that include rebates for residential customers installing natural gas equipment or converting electric appliances and equipment to efficient gas technologies. In 2014, we added additional rebate programs for commercial customers.

New Mexico Gas Co. offers customer rebates for the installation of high-efficiency gas equipment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy honored New Mexico Gas Co. for our commitment to saving energy and protecting the environment through superior energy-efficiency achievements.


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