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Emergency Management

Always ready to respond to customers in need

As energy providers, we plan to quickly address customer crises from small outages to full-scale hurricane restoration.

Hurricane preparedness and service restoration are of prime importance to all Florida utilities.

Tampa Electric's comprehensive, year-round storm plan is the cornerstone of our commitment to our customers. Companywide response drills, enhanced customer service, proactive tree trimming and inspections and upgrades to our equipment are all part of our hurricane season preparation.

Customers can visit our storm safety web pages forTampa Electric and Peoples Gas for detailed information about storm preparedness and safety with electric and gas service.

Our plan is a key part of our joint approach with the Florida Public Service Commission, which is reviewing the infrastructure of the statewide grid to withstand severe weather conditions.

The company uses a transmission and distribution geographic system (GIS), which replaces and enhances manual processes. It also aids the company in providing the exact location of equipment and restoration needs. The GIS enables post-storm data collection and provides a basis for forensic analysis of data to determine the cause of equipment failures and assess preventive measures.

Tampa Electric conducts mock storm drills each year prior to the start of the Atlantic Hurricane season, June 1. Through the company's Incident Command System, individual departments and the company as a whole participate in the drills. "After-action" reviews are conducted following every storm and drill to determine areas for improvement.

Peoples Gas also holds mock hurricane sessions. The company conducts vulnerability assessments in each location to determine specific needs and preparedness plans.

Mutual Assistance.
Tampa Electric participates in the Southeastern Electric Exchange's mutual assistance program, a cooperative arrangement where members support one another during times of natural disaster or other crises. In 2013 and 2014, Tampa Electric sent crews to Arkansas and Georgia to assist other utilities with restoration efforts after winter storms.

Through the Mutual Assistance Routing System (MARS), the company also uses virtual technology to help other utilities' customers by handling their calls during severe weather conditions or other urgent situations.

Peoples Gas partners with the Southern Gas Association and American Gas Association for mutual assistance. Members can request or provide assistance to restore gas service when it has been disrupted and cannot be restored in a safe and timely manner by the affected companies.

Storm Restoration
Storm Restoration


Without a moment to waste, Tampa Electric line crews and support personnel set off on Feb. 10, 2014 to help Southern Company restore power during and after a potentially catastrophic winter storm. More than 60 Tampa Electric team members and 80 Tampa Electric contractors helped restore power for about 5,500 Southern Company customers amid frigid temperatures, ice and snow.

"Everywhere we went, people thanked us," said Luke Diruzza, Manager of Distribution Engineering and Operations. "They wanted to buy us coffee, they took pictures with us, they brought us cakes and cookies. We were just doing our job, but their gratitude made it extra special."

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