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Innovation: helping customers meet their sustainability goals

A sustainable future requires a focus on products and services beneficial to customers.

Direct use of natural gas
Peoples Gas is uniquely positioned when natural gas is used as a premium fuel for customers. Natural Gas has an extremely positive environmental profile, especially when used directly in appliances at customer homes. A typical home's carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 4,000 pounds per year by adding a natural gas range, tankless water heater, furnace and clothes dryer to replace lower efficiency electric appliances. Peoples Gas is working with green-minded residential and business customers across Florida on ways to increase the retail use of natural gas as a way to reduce carbon emissions.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The companies of TECO Energy are leading advocates in the development and deployment of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) - electric and natural gas. Our Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas websites, and, help educate and provide resources to customers interested in electric and natural gas vehicles. The sites offer information about vehicles on the market, industry developments and our own Green Fleet of AFVs. The sites also cover issues of interest to AFV customers, including frequently asked questions and even a history of electric vehicles dating back to 1835. The enhanced websites add to a growing list of moves TECO Energy is making to support sustainable transportation.

Tampa Electric Environmental LogoTampa Electric is committed to developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In 2014, the company launched free workplace charging for its team members and signed the Department of Energy's Workplace Charging Pledge - adding TECO Energy to a growing list of workplace partners providing accessible, affordable charging to their employees. Tampa Electric is also partnered with the Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition and the Electric Drive Transportation Association. We find it exciting that electricity could be the new fuel for vehicles. With electric vehicles entering the market, we want to do our part to ensure a good experience for our customers.

Natural Gas Fleet NGV LogoPeoples Gas' involvement in Clean Cities and NGVAmerica is part of our commitment to expanding the use of natural gas vehicles and providing fueling infrastructure. Many businesses are looking to find ways to save on gasoline costs - after all, we've heard the recent predictions on what we should expect to pay at the pump. Commercial fleets are exceptionally good candidates to convert from diesel or gasoline to natural gas.

Renewable energy


Alongside LEGOLAND® Florida's Divisional Director Adrian Jones, Tampa Electric President Gordon Gillette places the final LEGO piece into the theme park's solar-powered globe, which was funded through Tampa Electric's Renewable Energy Program.

Traditional methods of electricity generation rely on fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and natural gas. Renewable energy is electricity produced from sources such as the sun, wind, biomass (plant material) and water.

Tampa Electric was the first investor-owned utility in Florida to offer a renewable energy program to its customers. In late 2000, Tampa Electric began its Renewable Energy program, which allows residential and business customers to choose to purchase renewable energy to offset their electric consumption by signing up for $5 blocks of renewable energy. For each block purchased, Tampa Electric will provide 200 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of renewable energy. Additionally, customers and organizations may purchase renewable energy to power events at a convention center, hotel, stadium or other location.

Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Tampa Electric has been a pioneer in energy conservation programs for customers. The company created conservation programs in the late 1970s, before any federal or state energy conservation requirements. It also was the first investor-owned utility in Florida to offer a renewable energy program to its customers.

Since 1981, Tampa Electric has spent nearly $643 million to deliver cost-effective conservation programs to the marketplace. The Florida Public Service Commission allows the company to recover this investment through the conservation charge on customers' bills. These programs have reduced summer peak demand by 331 megawatts and winter peak demand by 723 megawatts, resulting in annual savings of more than 815 gigawatt-hours.

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Renewable Energy Annual Update
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