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Checks and Balances

Going the extra mile to meet and often exceed legislative and regulatory requirements

In keeping with its foundational values, TECO Energy is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment and conducting business with the highest regard for ethics, regulatory authority and the law.

The utility and mining industries are subject to numerous local, state and federal environmental regulations intended to protect human health and the environment. These include the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. TECO Energy is committed to meeting or surpassing these regulations. The company implemented its Environmental Audit program in 1988 to assess the effectiveness of procedures and controls to ensure potential environmental issues are addressed before they occur.

Mining operations, power plants, energy delivery service centers, Peoples Gas service centers, facility service locations and substations routinely conduct comprehensive audits. The scope of the environmental audits include such topics as air pollution control, asbestos management, avian protection, management of hazardous materials, oil spill prevention and control, storage tank management and water pollution control.

We conduct environmental self-audits to:

  • Chronicle each facility's compliance status with environmental regulations and permits, and communicate this status to company management

  • Maintain standards and protocols that help ensure departments and individuals comply with corporate and regulatory policies

  • Increase environmental awareness and reveal weaknesses, if any, in the environmental program

  • Provide for an exchange of information between facilities to assist in complying with regulatory and permit requirements