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Waste Management

A model for the nation: byproduct recycling that supports other industries

Recycling and reusing coal combustion byproducts benefits the environment, our company and other industries.

The generation of electricity at our power plants results in byproducts that we beneficially reuse to reduce the consumption of natural resources, to conserve valuable landfill space and to generate revenue. These byproducts include fly ash used in cement and other concrete products, slag used in roofing shingles and asphalt paving, gypsum used in wallboard, and sulfuric acid used in fertilizer and water purification. Industries important to the area's economy utilize these byproducts. Tampa Electric's reuse of materials supports our commitment to the community. And, revenue generated from Tampa Electric's byproducts lowers electricity prices for our customers.

Waste minimization
Byproduct Recycling

Tampa Electric demonstrates exceptional commitment to sustainable environmental practices through programs, policies and procedures that help to protect our environment. Company practices – such as source reduction, waste and hazardous waste generation minimization – greatly reduce solid and hazardous waste and disposal quantities. Given the magnitude and complexity of electric operations, the quantity of hazardous waste generated by Tampa Electric is relatively small. Each Tampa Electric facility works toward becoming a designated small quantity generator of hazardous waste.

The company has established onsite and offsite recycling programs – which include programs for products such as antifreeze, used oil, paint and solvents, mercury-containing devices, pesticides and scrap metal – to significantly reduce the production of solid and hazardous wastes and conserved valuable natural resources.

Awarded for Stewardship
Veolia Award

In February 2012, Veolia Environmental, the world's largest waste services company, presented Tampa Electric an Environmental Stewardship award. The honor recognized Tampa Electric's universal waste recycling efforts in 2011, which included three tons of mixed batteries, 17 tons of metal halide bulbs and 3.5 tons of fluorescent lamps. The fluorescent lamps alone totaled 40,812 linear feet, equivalent to more than 7 miles, or roughly the distance from TECO Plaza in downtown Tampa, Fla., to the Tampa International Airport in the West Shore, Fla. area. The program also recycled 181.20 tons of paper, cardboard, bottles and cans and 105,000 gallons of used oil.