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Continuous Improvement

Constantly evaluating, learning and improving

We are not satisfied with the status quo. We focus on enhancing our operating, financial, safety and environmental performance.

We constantly work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes within our operations. All of these efforts are in support of an overall philosophy of continuous improvement that is instilled in our culture. We have developed new programs to provide consistency and optimization of improvement efforts throughout the company. TECO Energy uses Lean methodology to evaluate and improve our processes' effectiveness and efficiency.

Lean Methodology
The company's adoption of the Lean process is also part of ou focus on continuous improvement. Lean methodology seeks to examine high-impact business processes and improve operational efficiencies to reduce waste and improve overall delivery of services to the customer.

Five principles define the goals of the Lean process:

  1. Specify value in the eyes of the customer;
  2. Identify the value stream and eliminate waste;
  3. Make value flow at the "pull" of the customer;
  4. Involve and empower team members;
  5. Continuously improve in pursuit of perfection.

Currently, TECO Energy has trained more than 170 team members in applying the Lean methodology to examine high-impact business processes. The company also has completed 47 improvement projects. Team members are taught how to utilize the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) process for improvement. This structure gives participants tools organized in a logical order to help not only complete their project but also sustain the enhancements by adding a control plan element.

Continuous Improvement Program

Continuous Improvment LogoEvery process improvement activity has allowed us to gain a clearer understanding of our cost drivers and of the dynamics shaping our near- and longer-term planning needs. The Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) has provided a simple and consistent forum to easily communicate and implement ideas generated by team members. Ideas can range from safety and environmental improvements to simple cost cutting measures to revenue generating ideas. Team members are recognized and rewarded for their contributions to improving the company. All ideas are readily available to view and share among TECO Energy's companies.

Supplier Engagement

The culture of continuous improvement is catching on with our suppliers. We are helping vendors implement improvements in their businesses – resulting in shared efficiencies.

In 2013, we held a Lean improvement event at a supplier's fleet facility and warehouse. The event's goal was to demonstrate how to have an organized, clean and safe workplace with the ability to locate items and materials within 30 seconds. As a result, we helped the suppliers find efficiencies that were mutually beneficial.

Supplier Engagement