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With nearly 120 years of operating excellence, TECO Energy is an energy-related holding company based in Tampa, Fla., with three major businesses: Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas in Florida and New Mexico Gas Co. in New Mexico.

Across the decades, TECO Energy team members have made our company a beacon for a bright future in Florida and now in New Mexico. Dedication to serving the community with this spirit and our commitment to the environment have led us here. We expect those same values will support us for decades to come.

TECO Energy Companies

  • Tampa Electric

    Tampa Electric originally incorporated in 1899, is a regulated electric utility with nearly 4,700 megawatts of generating capacity. The company is recognized as one of the cleanest utilities in the nation using mainly natural gas and coal with no nuclear generation. More than 725,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers within Tampa Electric's 2,000-square-mile West Central Florida service area – with an estimated population of more than 1 million – depend on the utility for safe, reliable and cost-effective power. For more information, go to

  • New Mexico Gas Co.

    New Mexico Gas Co., Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico Gas Co. is the largest utility in the state. Strategically situated between two large natural gas production basins, the company's service area covers 6,500 square miles, operates in 23 of the 33 counties in the state and encompasses 60 percent of the population of New Mexico. The company maintains 12,000 miles of natural gas pipeline.

    Across the state, more than 513,000 residential, commercial and transportation customers depend on New Mexico Gas Co. for reliable gas service. For more information, go to

    Peoples Gas System

    Peoples Gas is Florida's largest natural gas distribution company, with a presence in most of the state's major metropolitan areas, and many of Florida's fastest growing markets. The natural gas utility delivers reliable, clean energy to nearly 365,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers through almost 12,000 miles of system infrastructure. Peoples Gas, which was founded in 1895, works closely with cities, counties and communities throughout the state to provide the option of efficient and lifestyle-enhancing natural gas appliances. For more information, go to

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Tampa Electric's 2014 Fuel Mix. Oil was less than 1% of fuel burned.

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More information on our general business and operational and financial issues can be found in the discussion on risk factors in TECO Energy's 2014 Annual Report.

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