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Public Policy

Our energy future

We will prepare our company for the ever-evolving legislative and regulatory policy landscape and advocate for effective approaches that balance sound environmental, economic and energy policies.

We support public policies that decrease uncertainty, are environmentally and socially responsible, promote efficient investments and support the delivery of safe, affordable and reliable energy.

Our public policy efforts are a foundational element of our success. In the realm of public policy, TECO Energy deals with issues that include climate change, renewable energy, environmental regulation, fuel supply, and cyber security, among others.

While a comprehensive and coherent national energy strategy has proven to be an elusive goal for federal policy leaders, legislative and regulatory uncertainties also persist on many policies. Due to complexities of the energy business, including long construction lead times, customer rate impacts and evolving environmental regulations, energy companies have strong interests in the outcome of legislative and regulatory rule-making and managing the resulting risks and opportunities. We anticipate continued and increased involvement in public policy matters.

With so much at stake, we need to strive for consistent, holistic energy policies to guide decisions with as much regulatory certainty as possible. The nature of our energy businesses requires long planning horizons and associated large capital projects to maintain safe, cost-effective and reliable supplies.

To operate effectively in closely regulated businesses like ours, it is essential to stay aligned with the current demands of the public and policy makers. At TECO Energy, we believe effective strategies can be achieved that encompass sound environmental, economic and energy policy.

Participating in the Political Process
Our Participation
Team Member Participation
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    Our Participation

    TECO Energy's offices in Washington, D.C., and Tallahassee, Fla., represent the company's interests at the legislative and executive branch levels of the federal government and state of Florida. The governmental affairs efforts include the identification and analysis of legislative and administrative policy initiatives that impact our company, subsidiaries and customers. Advocacy focuses on economic regulatory policies, fuel and technology options, alternative and renewable energy sources, environmental policies and regulations, and tax policy.

    Any political contribution that we make in connection with these efforts is done so in compliance with applicable laws, our Code of Ethics and our political contributions policy.

  • Team Member Participation
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    TECO Energy has organized two political action committees (PACs) for team members of the TECO Energy family of companies. Both TEPAC Federal and TEPAC Florida are organized under state law and registered with the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections. TEPAC Federal is also registered with the Federal Election Commission, and it focuses on candidates and issues at the federal level. TEPAC Florida focuses on state and local candidates and issues. Team members run and fund our PACs, which provide them:

    • A way to participate in federal, state and local political processes. They also provide political information to members about candidates and issues.
    • The ability to pool resources and contribute to candidates for federal, state and local elective offices or in support of political parties or other political committees.
    • A means to advocate sound public policy that is in the best interest of the members, community and company.

    The bylaws for both provide for a TEPAC board of directors comprised of up to 15 members. TEPAC board members are elected by the membership (all contributors to the political action committee) and serve three-year terms.

Our Issues

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