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Values, Ethics and Compliance

Ethics: holding to what we know is right to conduct business right

While our values form the cornerstone of our ethical standards – who we are, who we have been and who we will be tomorrow – our TECO Energy Code of Ethics and Business Conduct outlines the ethical standards and expectations for conducting our day-to-day business.

Our five values form the umbrella under which we do business every day and under which team members interact with one another, our customers and other stakeholders. They are our framework for leadership and they help create a place where team members want to work, an organization that is an asset to the community and a business in which investors want to invest.

Our Values

Safety: We emphasize a safe work environment and a culture of looking out for the safety and well-being of each other, our customers and our community. We believe that safety of life outweighs all other considerations.

Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical behavior in all of our business activities, including legal, regulatory, financial, operational and environmental matters. We honor our commitments.

Respect and Concern for Others: We value differences, development, teamwork, open communication and continuous learning. We treat all stakeholders, customers, team members, business partners and investors fairly. We communicate openly and in a timely way with all stakeholders.

Achievement with a Sense of Urgency: We work, as a team, with speed, sound judgment and diligence toward common goals. We support the business strategy and accept ownership and personal responsibility for our actions.

Customer Service: We realize customers are why our organization exists. We treat them fairly and provide high-quality services.

Ethics and Compliance
  • Code of Ethics
    Our businesses are united by ethics, rules of conduct and values that are practiced and reinforced at all levels. All team members agree to abide by the company's Code of Ethics as a condition of employment.

    TECO Energy's Code of Ethics & Business Conduct is an integral part of TECO Energy's Ethics and Compliance Program to promote and enforce doing the right thing. The Code provides information on compliance, ethical business conduct and the resources available to team members. It also provides suggested ways to resolve issues or raise concerns. The Code also summarizes information with respect to the laws, regulations and policies that our company must follow. It offers direction on how to discuss concerns and report allegations, and it outlines the expectation that we will act with integrity and treat others with respect in our daily business.

  • Appraising
    The Corporate Ethics and Compliance Department distributes an annual business conduct questionnaire to all officers and management-level team members. The questionnaire provides us a method to appraise compliance with our policies on business ethics and outside business interests and it gives us the opportunity to resolve actual or potential conflicts of interest or similar situations in a reasonable manner.

    The Corporate Compliance Oversight Committee is a multi-disciplined group representing the various substantive areas and diverse businesses within TECO Energy and each of our operating companies. The Oversight Committee has the responsibility to ensure the ongoing administration, monitoring, review and modification of the Corporate Ethics and Compliance program.

    The Corporate Compliance Operating Committee is also a multi-disciplinary group comprised of leaders with the responsibility to know and establish standards and procedures in their various areas to help reduce the prospect of non-compliance and criminal conduct. The group communicates the standards and procedures through training and other means as appropriate in its specific areas.

  • Training
    All TECO Energy team members receive training on the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. New team members receive the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and agree to abide by the standards when they are hired as a condition of employment. Refresher training is conducted for all board members and team members at least every two years. The training is continually updated as appropriate. Each recipient provides written acknowledgment at the completion of the training, affirming his or her understanding of and requirement to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

  • Reporting mechanisms
    TECO Energy has established several reporting systems to allow team members, officers, directors, stakeholders and customers to make ethics and compliance inquiries or reports, remaining anonymous if desired.

    • The Corporate Ethics & Compliance website can also be accessed through the company intranet available to all team members.
    • An online reporting mechanism also is available for inquiries and reports.
    • Direct email link identified on the Ethics and Compliance section of the TECO Energy website have been established to facilitate reporting directly to the board.
    • A 24-hours a day and 7-days a week confidential Guide Line is available to anonymously report or inquire about ethics and compliance issues.
    • A specific post-office box is also available.
Value Recognition Program

focus on values

We designed our company values to be living endeavors, not just words on paper. To foster open dialogue, we have a Values Recognition Program, which is a way for team members to acknowledge each other for living the values. Any and all team members can nominate another team member using an online form or nomination card.

"There are so many inspirational and even heroic nomination stories. Doing the right thing, and many times more than is expected, has become the common thread that runs through our nominations," said Chief Executive Officer John Ramil.

As detailed in the Values Day video, our 2013 annual values award winner was nominated for performing a simple preventative measure that led to him saving a child's life. The team member performed the routine safety precaution – a requirement for all team members with company vehicles – of walking a circle of safety around his truck to find potentially unsafe conditions prior to driving. But in this instance, he was able to save the life of a toddler found playing underneath the vehicle.

Compliance and Ethics Week Celebration

compliance ethics week

The first week of May is National Compliance and Ethics Week. TECO Energy celebrates this week as an opportunity to emphasize the company's pledge to live our core values and our promise as an organization to honor our commitments and to hold ourselves to the highest ethical behavior in all our business.

During Compliance and Ethics Week, we heighten awareness and engagement on key topics such as ethics, safety, conflicts of interest, social media and integrity in business and team member relations. The week's celebration includes daily communications from TECO Energy leaders who spotlight these specific areas. The goal of the celebration is for team members to have a renewed awareness of why these topics are important