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Stakeholder Engagement

We are working together to power the future.

At TECO Energy, we do not operate in a vacuum. We recognize that we cannot face our complex issues alone, and we must develop and maintain stakeholder relationships.

We communicate regularly with all stakeholders, including customers, investors, team members, policy makers, suppliers and others in the community to work toward collective solutions.

From restoring gas service for our customers, to forming community partnerships on environmental stewardship projects and more, we consider stakeholder perspectives. Our success depends on mutually beneficial ventures. It's a crucial part of how we're focused on powering the future.

Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholder engagement Q&A

Q. What are some examples of activities in which Tampa Electric would want to work with members of the community?
A. Such projects would include new transmission or distribution facilities, infrastructure improvement or Transmission Line Siting Act (TLSA) activities.

Q. What groups would you work with on these activities?
A. We would work with customers, government officials, homeowner associations, the Florida Public Service Commission, state legislators and related state departments.

Q. Specifically, how would you communicate?
A. We notify customers regarding rate changes and changes to products and services in accordance with Florida Public Service Commission guidelines, generally 30 to 60 days before the change occurs. In many cases, we set up special forums, informational community meetings where people can attend and ask questions about projects affecting their lives and homes. Customers receive letters with project details, including contact information for the project manager and a project map, two weeks before informational community meetings are held. We also post signs with details within the project areas, and we feature project information online at In some cases, we survey stakeholders and ask for input. We also make environmental assessments and evaluations, have one-on-one meetings with community leaders and publish newspaper advertisements as necessary.

Q. What are some other potential topics or projects?

  • Questions on electric or gas products and services
  • Restoration processes for electric and gas service
  • Billing and customer service questions
  • Policies for electric and gas customers
  • Assistance with electric- or gas-related problems
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Internal contacts
  • Tree trimming and debris removal
  • Placing power lines underground

Q. What other groups are involved when the company is undertaking work that could have environmental impact?
A. Since 2007, Tampa Electric has participated in a public-private partnership, the Energy Management and Sustainability Work Group, with Hillsborough County commissioners. The group shares information and resources to protect and enhance our environment, and it explores opportunities for synergies.

Q. What if an activity could affect air quality?
A. When certain new activities may impact air quality, Tampa Electric may be required to submit an air quality impact analysis before construction to demonstrate that the project will not have a harmful effect on air quality. The statutes and regulations for air pollution require public notice through a newspaper legal advertisement (with additional notices published online) to allow for public engagement in the permitting process. If a member of the public expresses an interest in the process, a public hearing may be scheduled for him or her to voice concerns. Environmental impacts are discussed in more detail in the Environment section of this report.

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