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Sustainability Plan

Focused on a sustainable business

We are committed to exploring sustainable energy, environmental and economic solutions that deliver value to our constituents and preserve our natural resources to be enjoyed for generations. We strive to balance our responsibility to provide reliable and affordable energy and deliver shareholder value with our responsibility to minimize impact on the environment.

We hold ourselves accountable for meeting these goals, not just in the short term, but for decades to come. We do this by FOCUSing our sustainability efforts in these areas:

Performance: delivering sustainable financial and operational performance

Drive company performance and realize value - Our sustainability plan begins with performance, challenging ourselves to continually improve and realizing value for our shareholders and team members, while demonstrating strong governance and transparency to our stakeholders.

Community: providing value to the communities we serve

Understanding what our customers and constituents value and maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of the regions we serve – Our plan includes a focus on advancing and promoting solutions to address customer expectations and values and developing community relationships to attract new businesses while maintaining and expanding service to our existing customers. Investing and improving in our communities is deeply rooted in our company culture because our long-term sustainability is directly linked to the prosperity of the areas we serve.

Workforce: strengthening our foundation

Grow our human capabilities to shape and achieve our strategic vision. Placing safety first, our workforce is a critical component of our sustainability plan. We do what it takes to attract, motivate, empower and retain diverse, high-performing talent because we care about the people who work hard every day to make this company successful.

Build information technology platforms that support growth strategies and efficiency. Our sustainability plan challenges us to find innovate ways to reduce enterprise risk and transform our capabilities by modernizing our information systems to support current and future growth opportunities.


Environment: a tradition of environmental action, innovation and stewardship

Serve our customers energy needs while conducting business in a sustainable manner. We know what it takes to be long-term stewards of our shared environment. We are committed to continuous improvement by minimizing our impact on the environment, including significant reductions in power plant emissions, maximum recycling of water to reduce overall use, minimal solid waste disposal through the recycling of coal combustion byproducts and innovative land use and reclamation.