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Engagement and Inclusion

High-impact leadership: focused on a comprehensive approach to team member development

We want our team members to perform at the highest levels by improving their own skills, collaborating with others, connecting with team members and being resilient to the stresses of the business environment.

Capability – We are focused on ensuring we have the capabilities we need to power the future. We recently launched a skill-gap analysis program to identify specific needs within the company to prepare for a workforce in transition and to develop the skill sets needed for the future. We are working to close all of the skill gaps identified through a variety of avenues, including formal and informal training, job assignments, mentoring and job shadowing.

Continuous Improvement – We know most of our skill gaps will close due to on-the-job training and experience, but we also recognize the importance of formal training, performance development plans and performance reviews.

Collaboration – We work together and utilize the power of diversity to find creative, cost-effective solutions to the challenges we face. We also reach out to other team members and companies to learn about the best practices. In 2013, we piloted a supervisory development program that combines supervisors of more than 20 years experience with supervisors of less than 6 months experience. The goal is to create and grow a peer network.

Connection – We sponsor team member participation in internal and external leadership development programs to expand professional networks. Through these programs, we encourage team members to contribute to our company and community stakeholders in new and improved ways.

From hiring practices and a work environment of equal opportunities for all, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation, TECO Energy has team members from a broad range of backgrounds. This diversity has resulted in quality decision-making throughout the years.

We want to hear from our workforce. To facilitate two-way communications, the company has developed several programs:

  • Values Recognition program: The Values Recognition Program is a way for team members to acknowledge each other for living TECO Energy's five corporate values. Team members can nominate coworkers by completing a nomination card or by using an online form.
  • Near-miss reporting: Team members are encouraged and rewarded for communicating potentially unsafe conditions and behaviors. In addition to helping improve safety performance, team members have the chance to express safety concerns directly to management.
  • Internal blogging platform: TECO Energy's internal blog platform – COMcentral – hosts executive blogs, team member stories and company news updates to keep team members engaged and aware of how their contributions support company goals.
Tampa Transitional School of Excellence

At TECO Plaza, in downtown Tampa, Fla., students who are part of the Tampa Transitional School of Excellence, help support the company's operation; though they aren't official company team members, they might be one day.

These students are part of a program initiated in 2006 that matches learning-disabled people who are out of high school up to age 22 with partner companies, such as TECO Energy, the Moffitt Cancer Center, Publix and other corporations. The students develop skills that help them land permanent jobs. The ultimate goal is to ensure that these students reach their full potential.

Top Workplaces 2014

Top WorkplacesIn 2014, the Tampa Bay Times' Top Workplaces program named TECO Energy one of the Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay. The honor was based on survey responses from team members from all TECO Energy companies, where honest feedback was provided on topics such as engagement and workplace satisfaction. This is the second time TECO Energy has earned this award since 2012.