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Safety, our core value

Our safety culture leads to the company's safest year in our nearly 120-year history.

At TECO Energy, safety outweighs all other considerations. That ideal permeates a safety culture where team members constantly strive to get better. At one time, it was unthinkable that our energy company could have an incidence rate near 1.00. But we achieved that and we now know that having zero accidents is possible.

In 2013, TECO Energy team members submitted 11,000 safety near misses – a company record. This represents more than 11,000 instances that team members identified, addressed and reported a real, potential or perceived safety risk in the workplace.

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These safety accomplishments result from our strong culture of accident prevention. In 2011, we stepped up our corporate wide focus on observing, documenting and communicating near misses, which studies have shown help companies avoid costly accidents. Combined with a strong safety plan of training, recognition and safe-work practices, recorded near-misses added up to success.

Here are some examples of how our teams approached safety over the past year:

  • A total of nearly 10,000 near-miss (potential unsafe conditions) reports were submitted by all TECO Energy companies;
  • The Energy Supply department at Tampa Electric underwent focused training in behavior-based safety-observation techniques. Thousands of interactive observations took place and led to improved safety performance and a heightened awareness of where hazards exist and how to successfully eliminate or avoid them;
  • Gas and electric operations increased situational awareness by encouraging team members to speak up and follow safe-work practices designed to protect team members from hazards;
  • Similar to other operating areas, the Support Services team embraced safety, engaging fully in the near-miss program and focusing on hazard recognition and control;
  • Many departments worked the entire year without a recordable incident or preventable vehicle accident;
  • Safety coordinators, safety committee members and team leaders in all areas within TECO Energy are communicating more information, more frequently to more groups than ever before; and
  • TECO Energy companies participated in continuous improvement programs to examine safety performance and provide recommendations to management about immediate adjustments to policies and practices that can be made before incidents take place.
We support TECO Energy team member safety in all phases of life
Work • Family • Home • Life

Corporate Safety LogoOur concern for team member health and safety is not limited to workplace accident and illness prevention. We recognize our programs have application at home, too, and team members are encouraged to incorporate safe work practices in all areas of their lives.

Company safety professionals provide monthly safety presentations to address topics such as heat-related illness, gun safety, home chemical handling and disposal, safe practices with fireworks, proper use of ladders and personal protective equipment requirements. These topics have significant applications away from work.

TECO Coal: A Leader in Mine Rescue Services in Eastern Kentucky

The Kentucky Coal Academy provides mine rescue services in Kentucky's eastern coalfields through a partnership with TECO Coal. TECO Energy's emphasis on safety and reputation for community service led the Kentucky Coal Academy to partner with TECO Coal. Together, they provide rescue services for mining operations throughout the eastern portion of the state. TECO Coal also won the 2014 first aid competition in the Mine Safety Health Administration's National Mine Rescue Contest, and the company has placed in many other mine rescue contests.

In August 2013, the team claimed top prize in the Mine Rescue portion of the Kentucky Mining Institute's 2013 Kentucky State Safety Contest.

"Like the mutual aid program we participate in at Tampa Electric, the TECO Coal Mine Rescue Team can be called upon to assist in a mining disaster anywhere in the country," said TECO Energy Safety Director Mark Downing, who was on hand in Lexington to see the competition. "While everyone hopes that their skills will never be used, it sure is good to know that TECO Coal is among the very best at rescuing and providing first aid to trapped miners."

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