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Power Generation

TECO Energy's subsidiary, Tampa Electric, operates three power stations in addition to its growing portfolio of solar facilities. They are:

  • The newest facility is the H.L. Culbreath Bayside Power Station, based in Tampa, Fla. Bayside is powered by natural gas. It replaced the retired coal-fired Gannon Power Station.
  • The largest plant is Big Bend Power Station, based in Tampa, Fla. Big Bend is a coal-fired facility with natural gas-fired peaking capacity.
  • Polk Power Station is based in Polk County, east of Tampa, Fla. The largest unit operates with a special coal-gasification technology. In addition, Polk has two peaking units and is building two additional units.
  • Solar initiatives include facilities at Tampa International Airport, at a number of popular public attractions in the Tampa Bay area, at local schools that double as community emergency shelters, and a 23-megawatt (MW) array that will be built on Tampa Electric-owned land near the company's Manatee Viewing Center and Big Bend Power Station.

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